Bosca Ceoil & Fiddle, is a recording of Irish traditional music played on button accordion, fiddle and bouzouki. Bosca Ceoil is the Gaelic Irish for button accordion (it literally translates as “Music Box”). The musicians[1] on the album are: Eamonn Costello (button accordion), Cathal Clohessy (fiddle), and Rodney Lancashire (bouzouki). On a number of the sets of tunes on the album they have experimented quite a bit with: tempo, dynamics, and counter melodies. On other tracks they have recorded what might be called more ‘traditional’ settings of tunes. Eamonn and Cathal have also composed a number of pieces on the album; some of these pieces are very much in the traditional idiom while others are more contemporary in style.

The CD is divided roughly into three sections: duets on button accordion and fiddle, trio on button accordion, fiddle, and bouzouki, and solos (both on button accordion and fiddle).

[1] See Biography on page 2 for details on the musicians involved in this project

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